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CustomerKNECT hands cost-of-living support package to staff.

In an effort to fight the cost-of-living crisis, CustomerKNECT has begun handing out support packages to all colleagues to support them through the current period of high inflation and extremely high cost of energy and other household bills.

All colleagues have received half of their £1,000 cost of living payment in their September 2022 pay and will receive the second half in their February 2023 pay. In addition to this the companies annual pay review was brought froward from February 2023 to December 2022 where all colleagues received a 5% increase in their base pay, two months earlier than planned.

In a joint statement from Chief Executive Officer, Tim Smith, and Finance and Commercial Director, Neil Hoban, the pair explained how the majority of colleagues at MetroMail would have received an average 11% increase in pay in the year ending February 2023, plus a 5% bonus and the £1,000 cost of living payment.

CustomerKNECT will continue to monitor the cost-of-living crisis and consider more action and support if required. Neil Hoban went on to express his gratitude to the colleagues “not withstanding this is a direct bottom line hit but we remain confident that our loyal, dedicated and hardworking colleagues along with continued customer backing will enable us to work through these challenging times”.

Colleagues were overjoyed by the support received from CustomerKNECT and it has alleviated a lot of fears about the crisis, one member of staff commented “brilliant news, it is really going to help over a difficult winter”.

Neil Hoban – Director of Finance & Operations at CustomerKNECT