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Fox Cover Enterprise Park,
Admiralty Way,

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CustomerKNECT goes green.

CustomerKNECT have made a significant capital investment in energy efficient lighting. The current 140,000 sqr ft site previously illuminated by over 300, 400W light bulbs has been completely refitted with LED lighting.

As we operate around the clock, with cross functional departments, many lights are required to be on for most of the time and up to 51 weeks of the year. Working with our energy committee we have been able to design a solution that reduces our lighting electricity consumption by over 75%.

We didn’t just stop at LED lighting; we divided the operational areas into zones and fitted motion sensors reducing lighting levels to a minimum when the areas are unoccupied. This solution was particularly effective in our warehouse and fork truck isles.

Our car park and perimeter flood lights have also been upgraded to LED. In these areas we used a “Magnetic Midnight” solution to dim the lighting for up to 8 hours per night showing further energy savings.

Our offices and administration areas all have flat panel LED lighting. Once again, we made use of motion sensors for added efficiency.

Our energy committee consists of representatives from each area of our business. Meeting each month, the committee help to promote energy efficiency across the site, not only raising awareness but also conducting tours around the business looking for opportunities for energy savings.